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Chop Builder 25 – Trip Stepper

Strap on your thinker for this one! Trip stepper is a long exercise following a simple formula, and a great workout for both the hands & mind. It combines smooth flowing free stroke singles with razor sharp accent/tap transitions. The accent/tap bits require a bit of work while the singles are easy-breezy–just keep each side …

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Chop Builder 24 – Para-Dragons

We’ve officially reached the illogical end with this title, but I’m cool with that. It’s the same format as #22 & 23 but now we’re throwing in some isolated paradiddles. Love it. Avoid micromanaging the inner beats within each paradiddle, throw the accent down from the wrist and then let the fingers do their thing …

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Chop Builder 23 – Dragon 3’s

Now this title makes even less sense (see #22 for the initial logic), but it’s catchy, and catchy is cool. This one will do wonders for your triple stroke quality (thanks finger control) using the free/free/down or “alley-oop-oop” combo. Try to go as far up the tempo ladder as you can playing lightly on the …

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Chop Builder 22 – Dragon Diddles

If you say “drags and diddles” fast enough long enough you’ll eventually say “dragon diddles.” So that’s the title of this one (pure genius I know). This one works the freestroke/downstroke diddle concept using the alley-oop technique. Do not change the free stroke motion from the 8th note(s) going into the diddle, but let it …

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Chop Builder 21 – 5-let Accent Adder

You’ll probably want to do Chop Builder #20 first and then this one. Adding accents to the point where the accents outnumber the taps gets tricky because it’s uncommon. A lot of these patterns sound really cool once you’re totally comfortable with them.  – Download Sheet Music