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Velocity, Drumsticks, and the Kitchen Spoon

In this lesson, Bill will demonstrate the different velocities garnered by each (using a kitchen spoon!?) and discuss how to play with more power and the pitfalls to avoid. Awareness of the differing approaches will also help you in evening out your hands.

Not Quite Matched Grip

In this lesson, we look at some common problems with matched grip that’s not quite matched. In this lesson, Bill will uncover a common cause to the left hand being so much weaker–a matched grip isn’t really matched! The right tends to be more American to French grip and the left more German (which is …

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The Three Matched Grips

In this lesson Bill examines the three common matched grip positions, German, American and French. They all have their advantages and disadvantages and it’s good to know why and when to switch from one to another on the fly. The more tools you have at your disposal the better!


There is so much ambiguous talk about “fulcrums” and so many declarations of one type of fulcrum being superior over another and such, it’s madness. The main fulcrum options are first finger, second finger and somewhere in between and they’ll all serve you well. Jump in to see the main fulcrum options and what they’re …

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Rudimental Beats

Need to polish up that grip, or get some help nailing the Moeller whip? The Rudimental Beats DVD from Bill, a great technique and hand development guide, is the perfect place to start from way back in 2005. The below videos are lessons which will teach you the fundamental techniques used in the all the …

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