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FREE Single Stroke Short Course

Looking to get this single strokes flying? This is just the ticket! A dedicated, focused course designed to help get your singles to Buddy Rich territory in no time. Cool huh?!

This course is based around Step 1, 2 and 6 of the Extreme Hands Makeover and includes 5 workout exercises ranging from 100-200bpm.

Course Details:

  • FREE. Totally Free. Awesome-sauce.
  • Unlimited access to:
    • Extreme Hands Makeover Step 1 – Free Stroke (Isolated)
    • Extreme Hands Makeover Step 2 – Free Stroke (8 on a Hand)
    • Extreme Hands Makeover Step 6 – Free Stroke, 8th/16th Single Stroke
    • 5 play along exercises:
      • Chop Builder 1 – 8 On a Hand (8-8-16)
      • Chop Builder 2 – 8 On a Hand (R-B-L-B)
      • Purple Singles
      • 16/32nd Build Up
      • 12th/24th Build Up

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