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Paradiddle Short Course

Paradiddles are an awesome part of the drumming toolbox! They’re not just a piece of drumming technique. They help with navigating the kit, creating new grooves, developing accent control based on the 4 basic stroke types, and generally help with dexterity and musicality. In this course, we’ll tackle:

  • Paradiddle
  • Double Paradiddle
  • Paradiddle-Diddle
  • Paradiddle-diddle-diddle.

This short course includes Steps 13, 17, and 20 of the Extreme Hands Makeover and 6 dedicated workouts to overhaul you paradiddle technique.

Course Details:

  • $7.99 – One Time Fee
  • Unlimited access to:
    • Step 13, 17, 20 of the Extreme Hands Makeover
    • 6 workout focused exercises

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