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Rudimental Beats

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Need to polish up that grip, or get some help nailing the Moeller whip? The Rudimental Beats DVD from Bill, a great technique and hand development guide, is the perfect place to start from way back in 2005.

The below videos are lessons which will teach you the fundamental techniques used in the all the workout videos. You must be comfortable with your grip, your rhythm / timing, stroke types and the specific techniques for each rudiment before you will be able to nail the higher tempos in the workouts.

There is also some extra content from the DVD below such as the “Rudimental Breakdown”, the “Get Good Quick Plan”, and “Perfect Practice” which is not specifically needed for the Workouts but has some important advice which is definitely worth knowing and applying to your practice routine.

Oh yeah, and the “Out-takes” has some classic Bill facial expressions, run-ins with native wildlife, and dancing – what’s not to love?!


bachman-rudimental1. Grip
2. Full Stroke
3. Single Stroke Roll
4. Rudimental Breakdown
5. Alley-oop Strokes
6. Double Stroke Roll
7. Triple Stroke Roll
8. Down/Up Stroke
9. Paradiddle
10. Six Stroke Roll
11. Moeller Stroke
12. Inverted Flam Tap
13. Perfect Practice
14. Flam Tap
15. Flam Accent
16. Speed
17. Flam
18. Drag
19. Grid
20. Rhythm/Timing
21. Get Good Quick Plan