Lesson Category: Extreme Hands Makeover

Step 25 – Moeller Whip to Free Stroke

Same whip stroke, but now we need to transition into a smooth free stroke dribble. This scenario isn’t as common as some others, but one day you’ll be able to play something without thinking about it or stressing and it’ll be because you maxed out this combo. Lesson Notes:

Step 24 – Moeller Whip and Stop

Same whip stroke, just a different choice after the fact. It’s a good thing we learned how to downstroke really well earlier (“downstrokes point down” remember?)–no room for floppy action here. Since you’ve got the time you might as well define those stick heights. Lesson Notes:

Step 21 – Drag Flow Builder

It’s really convenient when you have time to grab the stick and set yourself up for a diddle, but life doesn’t always work that way. Sometimes you need to flow right into a drag out of a free stroke. It’s a good thing that you have a solid & trusty first finger fulcrum in American …

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Step 20 – “Flop-ga-dick”

Here’s the full-tilt high speed approach for your para-everything. It’s all about the flow here and don’t be afraid to add the arm–maybe even whip it a little bit (we’ll go the distance and drink that kool-aid soon). How’s your trigger finger doing? Better get it ready for some action. Lesson Notes: