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Stick rotating during fast singles

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    Is it normal for a drumstick to rotate when you’re playing “fast? I’ve been trying to work up to a 300bpm single stroke roll and I’ve been drudging through trying to play faster than 230bpm and I’ve noticed that the Vic Firth graphic rotates as I’m playing with my fingers. The stick goes up and down, no slicing etc. but they’ll occasionally flip right out of my hands. Is this normal or should is it a practice more kind of deal?

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    I don’t think it’s a problem unless it’s a problem. If you’re dropping sticks then it’s a problem. I’d just check that you’re “housing” the stick up from such that there are no escape routes as it pivots under your thumb in American or French grip. Are you talking 16ths at 230 & up? That’s reefed!

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