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Practice Questions/Issues

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    Kane Chong
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    Hi Bill, just wanted to ask some questions about practice.

    1. I think my drum set skills are regressing. (well, I haven’t touched a drum set in a few months……, just got back to the kit a few days ago, and I sucked *facepalm*) Are there any off-the-drums type of practice that you’d recommend doing?

    2. Can you create/recommend videos on applying EHM techniques to the drum set? One thing I’d like to learn is how to get used to the feel of different toms and cymbals as well as sound control (especially playing softly).

    3. I can’t seem to feel or follow the beat when I’m listening to external speakers/amps while I’m playing. I have no problem with playing with my earphones on though. Is this normal, Bill? (and is there anything I can do?)

    Yep, that’s about it. Oh, and how are you doing, Bill? Hope you’re doing great.

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    Bill Bachman
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    Hi, thanks for the kind greeting!

    Playing your drums is a good thing, of course try to keep at it regularly. You can do plenty of coordination things away from the drums. Using your feet flat on the ground is also a good workout, even though most don’t play keeping their heels down.

    Your hands should pretty much automatically transfer to the drumset. Even though mot surfaces don’t rebound as well as your pad, that’s OK, you’ll just learn to muscle them out a bit more. (That said, rebounding finesse should remain your goal rather than practicing on pillows where you’ll forever be a stiff/tight player.)

    As for listening, you need to be able to hear what/who you’re playing with over yourself. If you’re using big/loud speakers they’ll need to be cranked up as loud as the drums. You may not make any friends doing this though, so earphones that also protect your hearing are the way to go.

    Good luck!

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    Kane Chong
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    Thanks for the tips, Bill, really appreciate it!

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