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Music's Influence on your life?

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    Campbell Phillips
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    Hey Guys,

    I’m sitting here helping run a band camp with some really great Aussie conductors and educators and thinking how awesome this whole music thing is. Literally life changing stuff for a large number of us.

    I was a pretty useless kid who would more than likely have gone off the rails without the influence of music and a particularly good teacher in my life. Now, I get to spend my life travelling the world, working with amazing musicians all the time (and that Bill guy), and hopefully helping make the next generation of kids lives better.

    Got me thinking – what does music mean to each of you guys? For some, it can just be an escape from everyday realities, for others a chance to help your community and give something back, for others… who knows?

    Would love to hear a bit more about all of you guys and your stories!

    Campbell Phillips Support/Lead Developer - Drummer/Percussionist - Teacher - Cat Lover

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    The way I see it there is a difference between consuming music and playing music. Listening to music is an emotional escape, that is if I can choose the music myself, I can listen to a lot of different music but there is some music that gets me to a better state of mind. A spiritual thing of sorts. That would be late sixties to early seventies “progressive” music like KC, Renaissance, Van der Graaf Generator, Strawbs etc.
    Playing drums in a cover band, which I am doing at the moment is a different thing, a more physical thing, fun and social. Playing original music would be another thing, but unfortunately I haven’t done that in decades.
    Practicing is more of a zen thing, it’s an addiction nowadays. I wouldn’t be without any of it. Different things but all is good.

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    Bill Bachman
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    It’s huge for sure. I didn’t pay much attention to music in my youth, but I started playing drums in school band because it seemed like the thing to do (and snare drum looked easier than the clarinet). When my best friend’s mom introduced us to the album ABACAB by Genesis, that was it. The drums, music and passion behind it all grabbed me and I never looked back.

    Now I enjoy helping people experience the same types of thrills through making music that I’ve experienced. No matter what the level of the player, progress is exciting and addictive. Drumming has taken me all over the world and I’m grateful for every opportunity to serve people through it.

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