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Free Stroke Isolated

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    I know this is the most basic concept but I’m having a tough time
    maintaining the pinky on the stick. It slides off or moves when I get a good free stroke.
    I can maintain repeated free strokes only with the tip of the pinky
    on the stick, or no pinky right now. I don’t know.
    I’ve tried rotating my hand inwards, but that feels awkward.
    Rotating my wrist up, I can definitely curl the pinky but
    maintaining it is another story for me to feel a good free stroke.

    Any ideas or tips would be greatly appreciated!.

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    Campbell Phillips
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    This is definitely something I remember struggling with Joseph!

    I think the biggest thing I found with free strokes is that the fingers take a long time to learn how to work with the stick. If you are having trouble getting the pinky working in sync with the stick (and thus making the freestroke feel bad), then the Finger Adder exercise (step 5 of XHMO) would be a great one to re-visit!

    If it helps, I can tell you it will all get better with time (and practice)!

    Campbell Phillips Support/Lead Developer - Drummer/Percussionist - Teacher - Cat Lover

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      Thanks Cam! I’m going to take a look at the finger adder.

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    Bill Bachman
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    Hi! Focus on getting the wrist to turn all the way up such that the pinkie can wrap around the stick. Think about the stick being in the last joint of the pinkie finger. thanks!

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      Hey! Thanks Bill this is very helpful. Going to take some time.

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