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flange sound

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    Okay, that flange sound…From what I understand, when both sticks hit a drum/pad at the same time it creates a positive and a negative sound wave, which partially cancel each other out. That is why you hear weird overtones. It’s the same sort of thing noise-cancelling headphones do (create negative sound waves to cancel out sound). I’m still a little confused on the exact science, but that’s the gist of it. I also notice when I am playing on a drum (verses pad) double stops also feel very different from regular strokes. I equate this with one stick “stealing the other’s bounce” like on a trampoline when two people are bouncing at the same time and one person goes flying while the other sinks into the trampoline. Maybe that’s because my hands aren’t perfectly even?

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    I think you nailed it! I like the science on the sound, I’m not sure, but your theory sounds good. And for the drum, yes, the 2 people on a trampoline is there reference I use. Bottom line, I don’t recommend playing double stops on A drum, but on 2 drums is great. I love the double stops on a pad though for the exercise of matching the hand’s techniques/stick heights/velocity. Keep it up!

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