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Accent Technique (thumb pressure)

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Home Forums Workout Discussions Accent Technique (thumb pressure)

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    So I’ve been studying some accent exercises cause there’s a song I’m trying to cover (almost there 🙂 ), Anouk’s – Nobody’s Wife, which has an amazing accent part with some 32nd buzz rolls. So what I’ve noticed was that, because I was concentrating much on getting the right sound, very low strokes, subtle accents etc, I was conditioned by the buzz roll to keep my thumb on top even after the buzz. So I played the 16th single stroke accents by pressing my thumb down, which contributed to loss of stability, resonance, rebound, since the stick got stiff and the rest of my fingers lost contact. I didn’t play purely wrist. I used the thumb as a break I guess.
    When I realised and got aware of that I concentrated on reverting to the normal wrist technique, it sounded and felt a lot better.
    I thought I should share with the community and I’d love to hear if someone else had faced the same issue.

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    Bill Bachman
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    Thanks for chiming in. As far as your technique goes, there’s a time for this, and a time for that! Always minimize your influence on the stick and develop the most relaxed & natural flow possible. 🙂

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