Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing my Extreme Hands Makeover Plan! This is my 26 step plan to rebuild hand mechanics from the ground up as quickly and effectively as possible. I’ve arrived at these steps and the most effective sequence there-of after nearly two decades of trial and error on the job with somewhere around 1000 students. It’s the perfect plan for everyone who drums with sticks, from beginners to seasoned pro’s, to drumset and orchestral/rudimental players and beyond. I believe you’ll be shocked and amazed at the results you get, many have gone before you and have already gotten fantastic results. Get on it!



In order to get the most out of the Extreme Hands Makeover, you must make sure that you complete every step in order. Take your time with each step to understand the concepts and reasoning behind the exercise before you start practicing it yourself. Once you get it, you cannot practice these too much. Spend plenty of time on each stage until it feels completely easy and natural. Only then are you ready to move on. So what are you waiting for? Grab your sticks and play along!

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