Drumworkout is all about the hands for sure, but these lessons here will serve as a little bonus on the side. Please understand that we don’t have ambitions to make this an exhaustively thorough drumkit lesson site, but I feel that these will serve as icing on the cake. Please feel free to discuss these on the forum and of course let us know if there’s anything you’d like to see covered here. I hope they help you out!


Moeller Whip Backbeat The backbeat – the epicenter of so many grooves – is always better when it’s lazy and greasy. Learn how to make ’em sing!

Nature Vs. Man Nature is perfect and consistent, man is not. Use more nature and be more perfect.

Developing Independence It’s really just coordination, but taking the time to thoroughly work it out mentally is key – train that brain!

Foot Technique The pros and cons of three common approaches to foot technique.

Foot Doubles Fast single pedals doubles? Aww yeah… get your Phil Collins on!

Groove and Feel Let’s open a can of worms: There’s many angles to this one, but at the end of the day, it all comes down to getting your head in the game…

Drumkit Setup The setup and ergonomics of your drumkit is key to being able to flow efficiently and musically. In this lesson, we’ll check out a few key rules to help perfect those ergonomics

Simple & Functional Fills The key to fills is sometimes playing fills that don’t really feel like fills. Yep, thats right. Check out some important ideas to help maintain that tasty feel and groove through your fills.

Protect Your Ostinato Smart logistical choices are hugely important in protecting your ostinato & allowing you to maintain your pocket, & there’s safety in motion – protect that groove!

Cymbal Orchestration Don’t just hit the closest cymbal to where you finish your fill… make better decision based on phrasing and musicality.

Play Big, Not Hard Don’t be a basher. The cadbury ad doesn’t really know where it’s at – work on that finesse and you’ll sound all the better for itt!

Noodling Noodling can be ok, as long as you do it with a met to make sure you are reinforcing good habits. Find out more in this great lesson.