Welcome to Chop Builders!

So yeah, "Chop Builders." That's a pretty indescript and open ended title isn't it? Yup, and that's the point. This is where you'll find any random thing that comes to mind that I know will be of service to you & your hands. Many of them are simple hand motion exercises which will support the Extreme Hands Makeover, others will be a bit more intense than that. Basically it's a grab bag of good stuff for your hands in semi-random order, so jump in!

1. 8 on a Hand

2. 8 on a Hand (R-B-L-B)

3. 8 on a Hand (French Grip)

8 on a Hand

4. French Triples

5. Buzz Roll Builder

6. Fast Roll Builder

Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 1.47.11 PM
Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 1.52.56 PM

7. 8-4-2-1 Accent Tap

8. 4-3-2 Bucks

9. Duple 4-2-1 Accent

10. Triple 4-2-1 Accent Tap

11. Huck, ga-dicks (R-both-L-both)

12. Huck, dig-a-dick (R-both-L-both)

13. Floppy Triples

14. Flop, ga-dick (R-both-L-both)

15. Tap roll countdown

16. Floppy Clave (R-both-L-both)

17. Invert Clave

18. Flams 1-4 Invert

19. Invert Clave Diddle & Cheese

20. 5-Let Move the Accent

21. 5-Let Accent Adder

22. Dragon Diddles

23. Dragon 3's

24. Para-Dragons

25. Trip Stepper