Just Right Height

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In this lessons we explore the concept of making sure you are playing the “just right height” for whatever tempo you are playing at. This will help make sure you don’t play to big and force it which will allow you to develop faster and practice smart!


Warming Up and Injuries

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Bill has some important tips on how to fix some technique issues that may be leading to tendonitis as part of his work with the PAS Health and Wellness Committee. “You can only fix your car with so much duct tape, so why not just fix the problem instead of dealing with the symptoms for […]

Technique, Velocity and the Kitchen Spoon

Velocity, Drumsticks, and the Kitchen Spoon

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In this lesson, Bill will demonstrate the different velocities garnered by each (using a kitchen spoon!?) and discuss how to play with more power and the pitfalls to avoid. Awareness of the differing approaches will also help you in evening out your hands.

Stick Heights Velocity Double stops

Stick Heights, Velocity and Double Stops

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This week, we look at stick heights, velocity and double stops. In this lesson, Bill will get into some deep thoughts about the fallibility of stick heights based on the velocity variables. He’ll also show how using double stops with perfectly matching stick heights and velocity will make a huge difference in evening out your […]

Not Quite Matched

Not Quite Matched Grip

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In this lesson, we look at some common problems with matched grip that’s not quite matched. In this lesson, Bill will uncover a common cause to the left hand being so much weaker–a matched grip isn’t really matched! The right tends to be more American to French grip and the left more German (which is […]

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Playing Big, Not Hard

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Play big, not hard. So you want power? I’m all into power, but not the kind that leads to stiffness, pain and sadness. This lesson looks at the best way to create a big sound without the sadness.


Foot technique w/ Bill Bachman

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Yes, we’re all about the hands at, but just for kicks here’s another little bit about foot pedal technique. Here I’ll review the three most common approaches and discuss some pros & cons of each. Keep in mind that the sound difference from one approach to another is minimal here due the EQ and […]

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Foot Pedal Doubles

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We’re all about the hands at, but for kicks here’s a bit about foot pedal double technique. Thank you Phil Collins for inspiring me to develop this way back in middle school.