Here is a great little collection of lessons that just don’t quite fit in with the rest of the rest of the content on the site – addendum’s to the Extreme Hands Makeover, extra little grip ideas, general practice ideas/concepts, lot’s of good stuff!


Fingers/Pinkies “Keep all fingers on the stick – ALL THE TIME”. Nah, forget that – here’s why.

Fulcrum There’s no one fit’s all when it comes to fulcrums. You need different tools for different jobs.

Three Matched Grips All three have their advantages and disadvantages. This lesson explores how to take advantage of all the good stuff.

Not Quite Matched Grip There’s matched grip, and then there’s “not quite matched grip”. Let’s avoid the latter.

Heights, Velocity, Double Stops This one’s going to make a big difference in helping even out your hands. Yay!

Playing Big, Not Hard Stiffness leads to pain and sadness… don’t be stiff!

Breaking Paradigms 1:
German Grip
This one may ruffle some feathers: I’m not a fan of German Grip – here’s why.

Breaking Paradigms 2: Fulcrum When it comes to fulcrums, my happy place is having the stick pivot under something.