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Not just another lesson site... is not just another online lesson site - its a full workout site where you get to play along with Bill and practice with his expert coaching.

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We've helped thousands of drummers and percussionists improve their touch, tone, groove, timing, and drumming vocabulary. It really works - You're next!

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Our lesson and workout library is made up of over 450 videos, across 4 key course areas, all based around the Extreme Hands Makeover as well as heaps of great bonus content!

Bill Bachman's Drumworkout drum Lesson Site

Bill Bachman - Vic Firth Signature Artist
Perfect for anyone with sticks! Bill’s 26 step plan to rebuild hand mechanics from the ground up as quickly and effectively as possible. Developed as the most effective sequence there-of after nearly two decades of trial and error on the job with somewhere around 1000 students.

The key 12 Rudiments identified by Bill as containing every hand motion you’ll ever need plus a series of workout exercises to work on each. The strategy here is to develop those twelve so that your hands are armed with all of the essential hand motions and are ready to play anything.

The traditional 26 drumming rudiments are the building blocks of our drumming world. Bill’s “44 Modern Rudiments You Need to Know” helps you expand upon this wonderful list of drumming fundamentals to build your vocabulary, enhance your creativity and help take your playing to the next level! 

Keep building your knowledge with 25 “Chop Builders” that cover a range of difficulties from beginner chop outs right through to quintuplet exercises, inverts, advanced hybrid rudiments  and heaps more!

Heaps of great extras including Bill’s classic Rudimental Beats DVD, the Drum Kit Corner, Bill’s Modern Drummer Lesson Series, a whole bunch of “bonus” technique and concept lessons, and our great “Ask Bill” series in which our users get to ask their own questions and get video lesson answers.

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