Bill's Extreme Hands Makeover and workouts
are perfect for anybody with sticks!

All skill levels, all ages, all musical background. Either traditional or matched grip. If you want to improve you touch, tone, technique, groove, musicality and have speed to spare, then is for you!

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"Bill, I appreciate the Moeller lesson video. There are so many WRONG teachings out there about the Moeller stroke, and this is the closest I’ve seen since my days at University of North Texas studying with Jim Chapin.”

Paul Stivitts (Connecticut, USA)

" is an excellent resource for all levels and all types percussionists... allows each student to have endless contact time, able to watch and practice with a pro, and provides information that is reliable and time tested. It works! Thank you Bill for creating this!”

Michael Klee – Vic Firth Artist

“Those gateway rudiments alone make this website a gem, as they open up one’s hands to do anything... a website like DrumWorkout is what I’ve been dreaming of – and that dream has come true. Absolutely kudos for your work.”

Arkadij (Germany)

“Before discovering DrumWorkout, I had to rely on youtube videos–honestly, they didn’t really help me that much, and left me confused... The explanations Bill gives are very helpful in helping me understand the mechanics and the purpose of the exercise, he really knows what he’s talking about, and I’m not left in doubt. Within 2 weeks so far I’ve been able to correct my grip, have an actual fulcrum and play more relaxed”

Rommel Jabla (Philippines)

“Hey Bill, I just wanted to write and say I’ve seen several of your videos about the Moeller Technique. You taught it to me over 18 years ago and it is still holding true today. I have had many compliments over the years on my style and sound when I play and I attribute a vast majority of it to the techniques I learned from you many years ago. I will forever be indebted to you for this. Thank you!”

Colby Pitts (Pheonix, AZ)