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Duple 4-2-1 Accent Duple 4-2-1 Accent - This is a standard exercise which will do great things both for your 2 hand accent/tap control and your timing. Make all taps match perfectly in every way and be sure to practice it with a metronome. Ideally tap a foot and/or count quarter notes out loud as you go through to get really comfortable [...]
4-3-2 Bucks 4-3-2 Bucks - "Bucks" is the name (who knows why) for the standard down-up-down-up accent/tap pattern. Here we're going to jump into 2 hand coordination striving for even and relaxed taps in between the accents which match perfectly. Keep your eyes on the beads and your ears wide open on this one, the taps shouldn't know that there [...]

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