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TaChDa Ta-Cha-Da - The “Ta-cha-da” may seem like something just for the rudimentally oriented guys to play, but I find myself using it quite often with ghost notes between the hat and snare on the kit. Here we need our finesse oriented “no-chop flop & drop” lead hand motion with a nice little flam dropped in the middle. [...]
1541943677_0001 Paradiddle-Diddle-Diddle - Paradiddle-diddle-diddle–wait, what? Just how far are we going to go? This is it, at this point it becomes more of a roll motion with an occasional “Para” thrown in to turn things around. Once this is mastered then you can paradiddle-diddle-diddle-diddle (etc.) until the cows come home, and then throw in another “Para” and diddle [...]

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