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Floppy Triples Floppy triples (R-both-L-both) - Here we're going to really dial in the "No chop flop & drop" technique which is great for lots of things including ghost notes after an accent and the rudiments flam taps and swiss army triplets. As the name suggests, don't use your finger chops to support the subsequent taps, but instead let the accent [...]
Huck Ga- Dick Huck, ga-dicks (R-both-L-both) - The "Huck, ga-dick" hand motion/exercise has been standard for ages and for good reason. This is what you need to play paradiddles and beyond. It combines the accent/tap skill with low "drop-catch" or alley-oop control. Here we're going to dial it in head on and make sure the hands can match perfectly with some double [...]

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