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1135812960_0001 Double Flam Accent - The “double flam accent” is handy and will do wonders for your low end finger control & speed. It could be named “hand to hand pata-fla-fla’s,” but it seemed simpler and more user friendly to go this route. (Plus this leaves it open ended for triple, quadruple, etc.) It’s another really cool option and one [...]
1612729244_0001 Ta-Da-Cha - The “ta-da-cha” may seem similar to the “ta-cha-da” (previous rudiment on the list), but it’s entirely different in terms of sound, feel and the technique necessary to play it. It’s time to dive in to the Moeller “whip & stop” technique with this one. Never mind the coolness of the rudiment itself, your shuffles and [...]

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